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Network Platform in Full Operation on Air China A350 Aircrafts

time£º2019-04-16  / from£º ¡¶Wings Of China¡·

Network Platform in Full Operation on Air China A350 Aircrafts




The in-flight network platform becomes fully operational on Air China A350 since this month.Passengers on the Air China A350 will be able to access AIRCHINA wireless network through their own electronic devices. Once logged onto the Network Platform (ife.airchina.com or wifi.airchina.com), passengers will be able to enjoy the entertainment contents in both Chinese and English for free, browse real-time news and flight information as well as access the Internet via satellite.

The Network Platform, which has been in trial operation on Air China A350 since December 24, 2018, provides entertainment content such as movies, TV, short video, games, and flight information services such as destination charts. In order to better serve international passengers, the English edition of the Platform has set up a special "GOVT" (Government Service) column, dedicated to providing foreigners in China information on institution services and public government affairs to help with their studies, work and life in China. In the meantime, the English edition of the Platform, in cooperation with media such as China Daily and China.org, also broadcasts video programs such as China Style and China Mosaic, introducing rich and colorful Chinese culture and Chinese stories to the rest of the world in English.

Since March 31, Air China will begin to implement its summer-autumn flight schedule. Air China A350 aircrafts will be deployed on domestic routes such as Beijing-Chengdu, Beijing-Shanghai Hongqiao, Beijing-Hangzhou, Shanghai Pudong-Guangzhou, Shanghai Pudong-Chengdu, and international routes such as Beijing-Milan, Beijing-London, Shanghai Pudong-Munich, Shanghai Pudong-Frankfurt, Shanghai Pudong-Milan routes. For the detailed flight information, please visit the official website of Air China.