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Air China A350 "Colorful Expo" Starts Its Maiden Voyage to London

time£º2019-05-21  / from£º ¡¶Wings Of China¡·





Recently, the inauguration ceremony of Air China's third Expo-theme painted aircraft A350-900 "Colorful Expo" from Beijing to London was held in Beijing. This is the first time for Air China¡¯s Expo-themed painted aircraft to fly to London after the successful first flights of "Colorful Expo" and "Blooming Flower, Prosperous Era" in Beijing-Chongqing and Beijing-Kunming routes in 2018.

As the global partner of the Beijing Expo 2019, Air China has painted three Expothemed aircrafts to promote the Beijing Expo 2019. The London maiden voyage of the A350 "Colorful Expo" not only demonstrates Air China's attitude of continuous contribution to the country's green ecological cause, but also serves as a pre-heating for the Beijing Expo 2019, and to convey the green vision to more regions and more people around the world.

In recent years, Air China has constantly introduced a variety of advanced aircrafts and upgraded its hard and soft in facilities and services. The A350-900, which is flying on this route, has used a large number of light composite materials in fuselage manufacturing, which not only reduces fuel consumption, but also improves environmental friendliness, well in line with Air China¡¯s concept of "green operation, sustainable development".